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12:25:58 AM Aug 16th 2013
This item is being edit warred over. Please don't readd without discussing it first.
  • One-Man Army: Literally and figuratively. All Espada are already considered One Man Armies (as are Captains). Starrk more so than the rest cause he is literally a one-man army - or rather, one-man pack of exploding wolves.
12:50:50 AM Aug 16th 2013
It's justified because it's a literal in-universe example. Much like how Memetic Mutation, normally YYMV, is allowed if it's acknowledged in-universe of the respective story. Granted, One-Man Army isn't YMMV - it's already been covered. But the extent of that coverage goes only so far as the characters' strengths as individuals. They're so fucking strong, they're one man armies. Starrk, once again, is a LITERAL one man army because he's able to split into multiple beings to attack his enemies - on TOP of being a traditional one man army.

Lastly...yes, they're wolves. Not spiritual soldier boys. All said and done, don't make me list all the examples where the moderators themselves have confirmed that beings in general apply.
04:10:09 AM Aug 16th 2013
The problem with this example is that since it applies to all Espada, it should be on the main work page, not the character page.
10:21:25 AM Aug 16th 2013
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On the Bleach O-R page, the trope is already listed and even mentions that while all the Espada count, Starrk and Barragan still stand out. I originally pulled it from here because I do not see the point in listing the example on two different pages, especially given that the Bleach pages keep suffering from overload on a semi-regular basis which is why we have so many pages.

If we removed the trope from the O-R page, we'd have to spam all the character pages with multiple examples of this trope because so many characters count. I think it's better left on the O-R page because everything's gathered in one convenient location and it saves space.
10:44:10 AM Aug 16th 2013
But again...you guys aren't reading what I'm saying. Starrk is a LITERAL EXAMPLE. Hence, you add it with LITERAL CONTEXT.
11:08:02 AM Aug 16th 2013
I do know what you're saying. You're focusing on Starrk's wolves and how the other Espada don't do something like that. However, that doesn't change that other Espada also qualify for the trope which is why it's a group trope on the main page - the main page does already mention that Starrk and Barragan stand out even among the other Espada, just like it mentions that all shinigami captains qualify with Aizen and Yamamoto standing out for shinigami.

If Starrk was listed here just because of the wolves, it wouldn't change the fact he's also listed on the main page. It doesn't make much sense to me to list him twice.
11:32:30 AM Aug 16th 2013
Why does it matter if he's a literal example when the trope isn't about being literal? And yes, just about everyone qualifies for One-Man Army.
02:22:16 PM Aug 16th 2013
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You know what, rofl. Forget it. For a while there, I forgot I'm debating with dipshits who still think "Vandenreich" is the correct spelling even though we now have, what, like four sources that say otherwise?

It's no wonder the TV Tropes community is the butt of all jokes nowadays. A far cry from how it was 2 years ago.
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