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03:26:41 PM Sep 28th 2013
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It's about time to split the page (it's 376,000 characters, the system breaks at 500,00), but I can't think of good categories. Would Characters.Beelzebub Main Characters, Characters.Beelzebub School Characters, Characters.Beelzebub Demon Characters, and Characters.Beelzebub Other Characters work?
10:41:27 AM Oct 3rd 2013
10:54:29 AM Mar 7th 2013
edited by Duckling
So how many tropes do we need for a character to add them in? Because there are a few characters that have been around for a long time but don't show up that often like Tojou's friends and such.
12:01:33 PM Mar 7th 2013
I dunno, maybe half a dozen or so non appearance tropes. Anything less than that tends to be a character that makes people wonder why they're on the page. For example, Toujou's friends usually aren't even named.
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