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08:54:44 PM Nov 19th 2016
Harper Row's Butch Lesbian trope. Should it be added back, or no?
09:15:23 PM Nov 19th 2016
edited by caivu
It's not been explicitly confirmed on panel or by Word of God yet. However much it may seem so, leave it be until one or both of those happens. She could still potentially be bi, after all.

Edit: James Tynion just answered a question about this on Twitter and implied that whatever the answer is, it'll be in Detective Comics #945. So it won't be long.
08:37:36 AM Nov 20th 2016
Alright. We can edit it/keep it as is on Wednesday then.
09:15:59 AM Feb 6th 2018
Confirmed Bi. Doubt anybody cares now, but hey.
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