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08:23:27 AM Oct 16th 2011
The World's Strongest Man entries seems to be contradicting each other now, I was the first to add them on Ronnie and Claire, as they being equals despite the Baccanoverse stating that Ronnie is the most powerful character in it, but Narita seems to change his mind when talking about all of his creations in stating that Ronnie, Claire and Shizuo are equals. So what should we do, leave as how the series itself says that Ronnie is superior or go for Narita's notes in that Claire is superior or equal to Ronnie?

Alternatively, say that Ronnie is the strongest, but Claire is the most dangerous?
02:38:54 PM Jun 22nd 2011
I think we should revert Rachel's image to the old one. The current image is from a later novel, and Rachel doesn't dress like that most of the time, either.
12:34:38 PM Jun 4th 2011
Is it fair to say that there is solid canon basis for Szilard being Driven by Envy? I don't trust myself to separate canon from headcanon and extrapolation in an objective fashion here, so some input would be appreciated.
09:32:47 AM Jun 5th 2011
I for one don't think Szilard had the Driven by Envy attached in his character, there's no characterization to evidence that in the anime nor the novels. Szilard does not fit this trope, one might speculate his oldage and newfound Immortality and suddenly attacking his much younger companions could be at least a hint, but it is Fanon at best, so yeah, Szilard was not Driven by Envy in any way.
02:15:58 PM Jun 5th 2011
I wasn't so much thinking that he was envious of them for being young as that he was envious of Maiza for the knowledge he was given. Don't know if that makes any difference though.
11:40:57 PM Oct 10th 2010
Leaving some notes here because I'm not versed enough in tropes to do them myself.

Adele is less "shy but willing to follow orders" and more "as crazy and bloodthirsty as the rest of the Lamia, but docile enough to be kept in check by Tock."

Tock/Tack/whatever's biological father died. That's why his mother remarried.

The huge kid who's with Rail is Frank, not Siam. Siam is a different homunculus entirely.

Rail being female is supposed to be a reveal; until somewhere around the end of volume 9 (or 10, I can't remember), she's thought to be male by everyone but Chris, who knows but isn't telling.

Also the grammar on the Lamia entries is pretty atrocious. Commas are not periods, for crying out loud. Can someone fix that up?