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09:23:55 PM Jun 9th 2013
Would it be fair to say that Sokka is an Expy of Xander Harris? I wanted to check this with some other tropers before posting. Here's my list of reasons.
  • Both are wisecracking Badass Normals.
  • Said Badass Normalness comes from military training, which often places both Sokka and Xander in the role of strategist or planner.
  • Both form half of a duo that is the first meet and the Chosen One, the other half being a magically gifted female.
    • Just as Sokka and Katara are siblings, Willow and Xander have known each other for a long time.
  • Both Xander and Sokka get involved with a powerful feminist woman, all though Anya (at first) is significantly more Straw than Suki.

So that's what I can think of, I'm sure other people can think of many more reasons why or why not Sokka is an Expy of Xander.
07:54:31 AM Jun 10th 2013
An Expy is a deliberate intent by an author to export one of his own characters to another work of his own, so it only counts if Xander was a character created by the same people who made Avatar and they were intentionally making him similar.
08:54:18 AM Jun 10th 2013
I don't think that it has to be by the same author, but it simplifies things because in that case, you know it's not coincidence. The key is intent. The author has to be thinking "I want this character to be Xander, but in the Avatar world." And I don't think that's the case, as most of the similarities are either pretty generic, or a bit of a stretch.
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