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11:11:45 PM Sep 26th 2012
I'm modifying the Failure is the Only Option entry because actually Linkara is perfectly willing to kill his enemies. He blows up Mechakara with no reason to think he'll survive it, he talks the Entity into committing suicide, he lets Magic Gun Girl kill Whately, and he implies that he would kill Vyce if he had the power to (or, in his second arc, if the weapons had been able to get a fix on him).
09:24:00 AM Sep 6th 2012
About the A Form You Are Comfortable With trope under the Magic Gun's section... are we entirely sure the previous images of her weren't just artistic license? Because the little girl with short black hair and a dark blue dress is a dead ringer for Alessa, another victim of Silent Hill's Abusive Parents who struck down the one(s) who tortured her for the cult's own ends.
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