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03:45:53 PM May 5th 2014
So, what did I do wrong that required a complete reverting of the page?
11:07:56 PM May 5th 2014
Tampering around with image placements, per Ask The Tropers. Images do not go on the left.
05:57:48 AM May 6th 2014
They're on the left in the Godzilla characters pages and have been for a couple of years now.
06:48:34 AM May 6th 2014
It's kind of a recent statement that they have to go on the right by default.

Also, for future advice, "the other pages do it this way so it must be right" is frequently wrong.
02:55:26 PM May 8th 2014
edited by
K, sorry. Is the four dash lines to separate the entries and make them less messy still okay?

Edit: never mind, the dashes don't keep the pictures from bleeding over into other entries. Is there a way to do that when the images are on the right?
03:31:41 AM May 9th 2014
I am not 100% sure on how to do image formatting - try whether [[hardline]] works.
09:31:52 AM May 10th 2014
No, doesn't work.
11:31:13 AM Oct 29th 2013
Alright, I don't want to delete it without reason, but where's this info about Metal Sonic/Metal Overlord coming from? I'm curious as nothing's actively come out from other comics yet...
02:55:10 AM Apr 26th 2012
edited by Tyoria
I hate to complain, but — is there any way subscribers who are getting their issues a couple of weeks ahead of street date could hold back on updating with spoilers right away? I get how it's really tempting to come here as soon as you have new info, but not everybody (not even all subscribers) is able to be that up-to-the-minute, and since you can't turn spoilers off in the history, it makes having these pages on your watchlist at all very perilous if you don't want major revelations dumped into your lap with no warning. I've also seen people on Ian's board complain about "getting spoiled by TV Tropes", so I know that I am not the only one who has been affected.

Mind, I don't think anyone would care if you wanted to include updates of tropes that appeared in new issues that weren't totally spoilerrific. Like, say two characters get into a Beam-O-War in the newest issue, I don't think that's going to bother anyone to hear about ahead of time, but stuff like the (apparent) death of a main character, the identity of Silver's traitor (or a revelation there was none), major changes to the status quo... please, would you consider holding off until street date?
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