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01:28:22 PM Mar 4th 2014
Someone needs to edit Princess Bubblegum's Motherly Scientist entry to account for the fact that she's never taken a motherly role with the Lemon people, just one of responsibility, and that she accordingly has no problem bumping them down her list of priorities. As it is there's no account taken for her actions in Too Old.
05:21:27 AM Mar 5th 2014
A few balancing entries should probably be all right.
10:07:56 AM Oct 6th 2013
Now that there is a page for secondary characters, I think that some listed as main characters should be moved there. For example the Lich has only made five, (seven if King Worm and In Your Footsteps count) featured appearances, and while memorable, has never been a member of the main cast. Lady Rainicorn and Lumpy Space Princess also are infrequently featured, and should be moved as well.
03:54:04 PM Apr 21st 2013
does young marceline count as The Load? i mean, she was unable to do anything and she was the main reason Simon had to use the crown.
01:10:25 AM Jul 16th 2013
She doesn't make things worse than they're already are, and Simon probably doesn't consider her a burden. As far as I can tell, Simon would have just as much trouble with the things he faced if she wasn't around. He got himself in trouble trying to help her, but since he did it on his own initiative and wasn't sorry that he did so, I think this instance lacks too much of the "liability" factor to put her squarely in the trope.
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