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07:30:45 PM Apr 20th 2013
I removed this example:

  • Evil Counterpart: There could be a few examples, but this troper sees one between Lame Lothar and Tyrion Lannister. Both men are unattractive, of low reputation, deformed at birth, and, above all else, cunning manipulators who each concoct diabolical strategies to eliminate their enemies.

Besides the use of This Troper, it just isn't accurate. Lame Lothar, besides the bad leg, seems to be an ok looking guy (at least by Frey standards), and there really isn't any indication of him having a bad reputation- most people seem to find him a charming and likable man. IIRC, the only person who doesn't seem to like him is Merrett Frey, and that's because Merrett knows that Lothar is actually a Diabolical Mastermind.

I mean I guess you could argue the two are "evil opposites" (since Tyrion is sort of a Hero with Bad Publicity and Lothar is sort of a Villain with Good Publicity), but I'd lean more toward saying they are very different characters.

I'd say that if anything, Lothar is more likely an Evil Counterpart of Willas Tyrell (assuming that Willas actually has some imput in his family's scheming). Additionally, Lothar covers similar ground as Littlefinger, in being a ruthless schemer who seems charming and harmless on the surface.
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