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02:22:32 PM Sep 11th 2015
edited by LazyHunter
Arha, Index and Birdway never intended to kill Touma. Their intention was beating Touma down and killing Othinus, as they state several times in NT 10 chapter 17:

“I’m not going to bother with questions,” said Birdway bluntly. “I can take my time doing that after defeating and restraining you. This situation needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible.”


The silver-haired, green-eyed nun who was always by his side now called his name.

But she did so from a distance and not from his side.

“I don’t think it’s right to apply our world’s reasoning to someone like you, but I can’t back down here. The person behind you is a threat under our rules.”


“Touma, I think you need two or three months in a hospital bed to recover.”


(Man cannot kill a god, but a phenomenon extracted from a magic god should be able to reach that magic god!! She will be destroyed by the very system she created!!)

Not even Birdway knew what would happen once she released that lance.

Her only expectation was for it to be an attack that even Magic God Othinus would believe.

Would the Gungnir imitation have killed Touma? Most likely not, he had stopped a more powerful Gungnir before, he could have stopped it again. They would unknowingly have destroyed the phases, stranding Touma and Othinus in the black world again, but those two had already survived in that a Magic God and IB bearer. They had no freaking idea of the kind of power Gungnir had, as repeatedly stated in the chapter, so they hadn't the intention of killing or murdering Touma.

I know that you don't like them , but stop twisting facts.

03:09:32 PM Sep 11th 2015
edited by Arha
Yeah, they say they're just going to beat him up, but then he pisses them off and they decide to fire Gungnir through him to hit Othinus. That they would even risk using Gungnir at all shows that they're okay with the possibility of using lethal force on him because he flat out tells them how dangerous Gungnir is and they just dismiss his concerns even though no one would know better. They flat out refuse to discuss it.

And please don't accuse me of twisting facts. I actually thought it was really OOC for Index to do this. Not Birdway so much since she's already been shown to be selfish and evil, but Index should care more about him than that.

Also, how is Birdway not responsible for Baggage City? She knowingly caused the civil war. That's why she and Touma parted ways. The fact that Academy City would retaliate against the separatists should have been completely obvious given that it was part of the plan.

The narration itself says that Birdway is below Silvia and Kanzaki when it comes to pure power. It then goes on to say that as a result Birdway would not confront them directly as a result because she isn't stupid, but is still just as dangerous so they wouldn't pick a fight. She's weaker than they are.

I don't get why you'd cut Token Evil Teammate either. She flat out says that she's not a good guy. "When did I ever say I was on the side of justice" or whatever that line was. And why cut Fair Weather Friend? She immediately betrays Touma's trust as soon as it's more convenient to her plans. She never does anything that's for his benefit if it would conflict with her own plans. She even shoots him because he's getting in the way.

“And so you’re saying our actions were just? Don’t be foolish,” Birdway said without hesitation. “Whatever our reasons, we still led those twenty-seven cooperative institutions to leave Academy City and diverge from the side that protects the world.”


“They may have already had this desire deep down, but I am the one that purposefully drew it out. They will now be criticized by others as those who are destroying the world’s peace and if they are directly attacked, there will be casualties. And it may not end there. I simply don’t see how doing that can be called just.”

Birdway paused for a second at that point.

It was as if she was reaffirming the position at which she stood.

“I don’t recall ever saying I stood on the side of justice, boy.”

So she's responsible for Baggage City and admits it and also admits to being basically evil.
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