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10:44:50 AM Jul 14th 2013
Why is Accelerator considered as a Villain Protagonist? He is an Anti-Hero. He is even called a hero in the LN.
08:27:35 AM Jun 11th 2013
So why are the #6 and #7 level 5's not on the science side list? That makes absolutely no sense, they are literally at the top of the science side. Sure we don't know exactly where top put the #6 on account of him never showing up but we know Gunha is a student at least.

Also why is Skill Out not in the science side list? They could go under the dark side list.
06:45:30 AM May 25th 2013

On Sixth level five character page there is a bounch of spoiler tropes that were supposed to be based on information which we learned in the NT 7. I just finished reading that volume and there is no information about the sixth level 5 there other than his name. Aditionally the person using that name was someone who according to the Queen of Tokiwadai was only pretending to be the sixth. So where did all that information about his powers and other stuff came from?

I asked this question somewhere else but I figured here it wll be anserwed faster sorry for the double.
08:28:26 AM Jun 11th 2013
Yeah we really only got some teasers about the #6 in NT 7 we still know absolutely nothing about him.
04:21:58 PM Apr 3rd 2013
Why are there so many character pages? There are twenty eight character pages for this series and some of them are at as little as 2% of the character page limit. They really need to be consolidated.
06:53:07 PM Apr 15th 2013
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Gah I hate this change. I mean really really hate it. It used to be so easy to get to the characters I wanted but now they're all over the place. The old sorting system was so good.
01:18:54 PM Apr 16th 2013
sorry about the rudeness there I was in a bad place yesterday. I do think it needs changed though
12:56:12 PM Apr 19th 2012
Has anybody added the new characters from New Testament 4 yet? If not I can.
05:14:13 PM Mar 29th 2013
I did.
12:55:41 PM Jul 9th 2011
Does anybody have a picture of Misaki? We need one for her entry
12:52:57 PM Jun 28th 2011
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Why is Touma's non-awakened form so low on the power level chart? He beat Accelerator with just his right hand. It's raw power is stronger than all the espers (minus awakened Accelerator) So why is he one the same level as Hamazura?
11:57:09 AM Sep 11th 2011
Touma is not really classifiable on a power levels chart due to his powers which are much more effective the more powerful the opponent is. He beat Accelerator and yet could probably be beaten fairly easily by a level 0 with a gun. So they just put him there.
09:12:21 PM Apr 2nd 2011
Isn't Touma Cursed With Awesome rather than Blessed with Suck? I thought the key distinction is the characters perception of it, and he really seems to hate his power.
10:14:12 AM Apr 10th 2011
He has won the Superpower Lottery so yes its more of a case of Cursed with Awesome.
05:52:22 PM Feb 15th 2011
For fan nickname Frenda is often called Fre nda know in reference to how she got cut in half.
03:15:43 PM Jan 31st 2011
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Shouldn't Touma get the trope "Superpower Lottery" or maybe even "Story Breaker Power". Touma scared Fiamma shitless when the power in his arm is revealed. If Fiamma being one of the strongest if not the strongest character currently is scared than we can assume that whatever power Touma has is very very broken. Not only that but his Imagine Breaker could also be considered broken. It negates most abilities unless that ability is to powerful to be negated immendiantly. Take note that only the most powerful characters shown thus far have abilities that imagine breaker couldn't negate immendiantly. This combined with his new "Spider Sense" makes his oppenants very hard to actually injure him unless they are physically better than Touma or have a very broken ability. In fact he might also be "Too powerful to live" to but we don't know if he's really dead.

Know that I think of it all Saints also should a least get the trope "Superpower Lottery" to. It was mentioned in volume 16 that a Saint far outpaces any normal magician in magic and you are born with these powers.
07:22:04 PM Jan 13th 2011
The description of Sogita Gunha is wrong. He is most likely not the weakest level 5 because he seemed to be able to handle Misaka very easily and even catch a railgun with his teeth. I think its likely that level 5's aren't ranked by power but by something else (perhaps how useful they are to AC).
12:32:30 PM Jan 14th 2011
That's really speculative. This series is chock-full of plot-holes and inconsistencies, but from what was given thus far, Gunha is *officially* the weakest Level 5, until stated otherwise in-series.
03:55:11 PM Jan 23rd 2011
I seriously don't think Misaka is the third strongest. Sogita Gunha didn't attack her and let her hit him with everything she got. Yet Misaka didn't hurt Gunha at all until she called down thunder from the school. Even than he didn't attack her. Given his abilities all it would take is one punch and Misaka would be down. So yeah...the difference in abilities between the 7th and the 3rd is large if he was able to take all of Misaka's attacks.
06:03:18 AM Feb 19th 2012
It has been revealed that the level 5's are rated in order of strength but in order of importance to Aliester's plan. Gunha is only in last because his power is so erratic and not fully understood (by the scientist at least, Aliester might know what it is) that he's of no use to the plan. The author has said that if the ratings were terms of pure power he would actually be the number 3.
04:12:58 PM Jan 11th 2011
:3 Just did a lil something to the page.

Hope you guys appreciate it. ^_^
08:57:50 PM Dec 28th 2010
I've been thinking that we should separate this sheet into two pages: one for the "Science side" and one for the "Magic side". Thoughts?
04:14:14 PM Jan 11th 2011
It IS getting quite big....but, I say hold that thought. For now. There's still a plethora of characters excluded in this page.

Let's wait until we wrap those up. (There's also the fact that some characters don't exactly belong to either side.)
07:45:05 PM Dec 7th 2010
Wait does Touma and Shiage have the trope Memetic badass. From what I know Shiage is widely hated(he is the Scrappy after all and to be a memetic badass you need some popularity) and Touma's badass isn't that exaggerated (a least not to the point of memetic badass).
11:02:27 AM Aug 27th 2010
Don't want to start a war, but so far the rest of the characters on this page have been listed in order of importance to the story rather than in order of power level like a Dragon Ball Z Characters Encyclopedia.

Mikoto is important enough that she got her own TV series, something that Accelerator has YET to achieve in spite of his own popularity. If this prsent logic is followed, Touma would be shoved right to the bottom next to Saten Ruiko.

What differentiates Index/Railgun from the (admittedly awesome) Dragon Ball Z however, is that the importance of a person and his/her right to be acknowledged as a thinking, feeling and breathing human being is NOT measured by how much firepower he/she can punch out. Both Touma and Ruiko may be powerless, but are nevertheless the most interesting characters in their franchises because their stories are the most human.

As I said, don't want to start a war, so let's see what the other board memebers think/say first, shall we?
07:43:10 PM Sep 1st 2010
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Is not a question of popularity. Despite Accelerator is a case of Breakout Character he also is the lead character of the science side as the second protagonist of Toaru Majutsu no Index series. Also Touma is more popular than Mikoto on Oricon's polls with Touma being the third most popular while Mikoto only achieved the sixth place.

Uiharu IS The Scrappy because of facts like: A) Dissapointing power, which was unreveal until the last episodes only to be a thermo-like power a totally oposite to the "plant controlling power fan guessing". B) Gets crazy because a girl he just met a day before gets suspicious of being only "involved", Harue even wasn't labeled as the culprit and still discuss this with a person who is supposed to be friends a good time(Kuroko). C) Goes in dispair crying instead keeping herself calm despite being a "trained member of Judgement".

Do you know how many people rejoiced when Uiharu got bitch-slapped by Kuroko? Just check Anime Suki's "Railgun episode 24 discussion thread" to prove my point.
08:24:59 AM Sep 9th 2010
Do you mean the episode 23, right?
06:40:25 AM Jul 3rd 2010
Can somebody upload character pictures? Can't find any good ones.
05:11:23 AM May 10th 2010
Catt: Moved Accelerator up because he essentially becomes the joint protaganist with Touma. Misaka shares this title too due to Railgun, and Index is the main supporting female character , so I felt Touma, Index, Misaka, Accelerator fit in better than having him further down.