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09:58:15 PM Aug 25th 2013
Should wrestlers who have their own page also have tropes on the character sheets? It seems that all the tropes could be placed on one page so tropes that are on one aren't missing on the other.I know other characters like X-Men members just link to the articles. I know it's not a big deal but I just wanted to get the official word before I do anything. Thanks for your help.
04:15:14 AM Sep 4th 2013
Yes, but he/she should only be added to the company he worked in and the tropes should only be what he did there. Several WCW guys has worked/is working for WWE now, but the tropes should only be for the period he/she was in WCW.

Example: Chris Jericho. He worked for WCW then came to WWE. The tropes he has in the WCW character sheet can't be in the WWE character sheet. You can put them in his own page because it's universal, as for the his entry in the WCW character sheet is specific for his WCW days and his entry in the WWE Character sheet is specific to his WWE days.

Hope this helps.
03:51:17 PM Sep 4th 2013
Thanks. That covers those who have worked in multiple promotions, but how about those who have only been in one (Kofi Kingston and Ryback for example)? Once again I know it isn't a big deal but just want to know before I do anything. Thanks again for your help.
01:16:00 PM Sep 6th 2013
We could take this to the Discussion page on Professional Wrestling. So more people can voice their opinion.
08:42:17 PM Sep 6th 2013
Thank you, I will do that now.
08:47:44 PM Sep 6th 2013
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It helps when you have someone such as El Gigante/The Giant Gonzales, since most of the tropes (Argentina, The Giant, Mighty Glacier) applied to him in both WCW and WWE. The only differences were his ArchEnemies, his Finishing Moves, adding Hijacked by Ganon, Beard of Evil, Heel–Face Turn and Wrestling Monster to his WWE listing, and that he was part of Sting's "Dudes With Attitudes" group on his WCW list.
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