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01:28:38 AM Jun 3rd 2015
I see musician examples (ie. non-song/non-fictional examples) here even though this trope is NRLEP? Or is "stage-persona" an exception? (eg. I know the Axis of Awesome example with Benny is pretty much part of their gig and thus acceptable.)

I ask because I see a few Korean Pop Music examples here (Shinee, BTS) and it sometimes pop up on kpop groups' own pages (eg. the trope keeps coming up on the character-page of Super Junior even though I've repeatedly taken it out and now I'm not even sure anymore if it's right or not). The examples I've seen from them are usually part of their variety show appearances or simply part of their image/personalities so I don't know if they fit under "stage persona" or not.
06:37:53 AM Jun 3rd 2015
edited by Larkmarn
This should be about examples within a song, or if the stage persona has some sort of narrative (2-D from Gorillaz, for example).

Musician examples about their actual lives belong in a real-life page. If this trope is NRLEP, then they have to go.
04:17:50 AM Jun 5th 2015
So ie. a good chunk of the list has to go?

Since I was only focusing on kpop examples at the time I only removed the two I mentioned before, but I can give the rest a go. I'm assuming the only examples that can stay are
  • Axis of Awesome (humiliating Benny is part of their comedy act/skits)
  • Eminem (in-song examples)
  • Gorillaz (they're fictional)
  • The Lonely Island (in-song example)
  • OFWGKTA (in-song example, not sure about the Tyler thing though)
  • Some of "Weird Al" Yankovic (the between-song skits, the other stuff I don't think so)

The rest appear to be "this member gets humiliated by members/fans a lot for so and so reasons" which I find funny but otherwise go against the NRELP thing.
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