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10:00:41 PM Mar 4th 2018
The second subbullet for One Piece looks like it runs on and on. Should it be split into more coherent third level items, one bullet per character? Here's what it looks like now:

  • The Straw Hat crew are a team of Bunny-Eared Lawyers. Here's the list, in the order in which they joined the crew: Zoro, first mate, is obsessed with strength, training, and swordsmanship, cannot find south with the help of a bird whose head always points south, and can cut steel with a sword (and that was before the timeskip); Nami, the navigator, is unbelievably competent at her job and guessing weather changes, can use well a weather-based weapon to call thunder upon any enemy, and is one of the two relatively sane members of the crew, but is also incredibly greedy; Usopp, the sniper, is a liar, a pessimist and a coward, but is a skilled artists, his lies have proven themselves useful many times, when necessary he has done acts of insane bravery, he's an hell of a Combat Pragmatist who can take on far stronger enemies, his pessimism made him immune to the powers of an enemy who could turn anyone else in a depressed wreck, and he's the goddamn' best sniper in the world; Sanji, the cook, is a womanizer who only fight with kicks to protect his hands, but his hands are what he uses as a Supreme Chef and his kicks put him on the Monster Trio of the crew with Luffy and Zoro; Chopper, the doctor, is a shape-shifting talking reindeer who is incredibly shy, and is both an incredibly skilled doctor and a fighter formidable enough to fight with the strongest opponents in the first half of the Grand Line and win; Nico Robin, the historian, is a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, a former assassin and brutally honest, but is also the sanest and most mature member of the crew and possibly the best historian in the world, and a formidable combatant; Franky, the carpenter, is a perverted speedo-wearing cyborg with a penchant for crying out "SUPER!", and has built himself into a cyborg and built the Cool Ship of the crew; Brook, the musician, is a a living skeleton with terrible puns and an obsession for women's underwear, who is also a genious musician, a formidable swordsman and used to be the captain of his own crew.
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