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11:56:58 AM Jan 21st 2016
Is this page actually in Buffy Speak? Doesn't seem like it as much as it is just written in slang. I don't want to start an edit war of course, but I think this page should be removed, or at least rewritten. Anyone else?
12:04:28 PM Jan 21st 2016
edited by Larkmarn
Holy shit. I was going to say that you're splitting hairs based on how ridiculously diluted Buffy Speak has become, but this is just... yeah, no. Even by the loosest definition this is not Buffy Speak.

For serious, this is the only sentence that actually even vaguely resembles Buffy Speak: "We're as informal as a big... thing that isn't very formal."

Would this be a thing for TRS?
02:18:49 AM Jan 22nd 2016
More like a case for a cleanup.
11:26:17 AM Feb 4th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
There's nothing to cleanup, though. This page was written by someone who has absolutely no idea what Buffy Speak is (which is impressive given how broad that is).

If no one wants to do a full rewrite, I might add it to the cutlist because it's... just wholly inaccurate.
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