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03:17:59 PM Aug 19th 2013
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I think this page should be cut. It's violating basic human rights and its a complete perversion of a good character. Also the fans of the blog are being absolutely disgusting by the way they're reacting to the "Down With Molestia" movement.

The blog is basically a one note joke where the punchline is "rape".
03:23:56 PM Aug 19th 2013
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God dammit, its spread here too...

And don't act like the anti-dwm are the only ones sending threats and insults when the pro-dwn side is just as guilty of that.
03:41:12 PM Aug 19th 2013
The page was practically going to become a lightning rod for controversy due to recent events anyway. Seriously though, the fandom is too goddamn volatile.
03:42:56 PM Aug 19th 2013
On that, we can agree. Honestly, at this point both sides have their fair share of idiots and extremists, but both sides also have sane and calm members, so there's that. :/
03:59:04 PM Aug 19th 2013
Methinks the best move would be to sit back and wait 'til this all calms down.
07:00:31 PM Aug 19th 2013
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I'll save the code.