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06:53:14 AM Jun 8th 2012
21st May '12 6:53:45 AM Adam43 Added line(s) 110 (click to see context) :
  • This comic also has idol's many other Berserk Buttons, such as hating the flute. Also, as idol says in one of her facts, don't come near her when she's mad.

23rd Apr '12 3:45:17 PM Adam43 Changed line(s) 108 (click to see context) from:

  • idol3341 even said that she drew this with all her fury because she was so angry about the "idiots" on the street.
    idol3341: Lately are more and more idiots in the streets and i was so angry that i draw this with all my fury XD

18th Apr '12 4:11:18 AM Adam43 Changed line(s) 104 (click to see context) from:
  • Drawer and Youtuber idol3341 (aka idol) hates it when she is told to put other thing on her hamburger instead of jus ketchup.
  • Youtuber idol334 * (aka idol) hates it when she is told to put other thing on her hamburger instead of just ketchup.

17th Apr '12 6:17:18 PM Adam43 Changed line(s) 107,108 (click to see context) from:
  • Also, whatever you do, DON'T CALL IDOL SMALL! Just don't! A stranger learned it the hard way when he called her small. [[spoiler: But it was only a fantasy. In real life, idol, angered, says, "If only I had a gun..."

17th Apr '12 6:12:06 PM Adam43 Added line(s) 103 (click to see context) :
now, it's not like i'm against shameless elf-promotion, but... uh... lol?
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