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03:26:43 AM Feb 22nd 2012
I have a question about The Messiah and the Messianic Archetype tropes. Wouldn't Griffith be considered subversions (perhaps even zigzagged) of the messiah AND of the messianic archetype and Guts is just gradually becoming a messianic archetype, since in order to be the messiah trope, you have to be a goody good good person who loves everybody, and the messianic archetype has to enact a role similar to that of Jesus Christ? I can see Griffith being an overlap of the messiah and the messianic archetype (though in the end, he's really the Dark Messiah), but I can't really classify Guts as a true messiah. If anything, he's just an aversion of the messiah since he's a decent person but he's not the nicest person. I can, however, see Guts slowly becoming a messianic archetype, despite the fact that he's technically The Antichrist.

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