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06:59:51 AM Jun 21st 2014
Dying Like Animals and Fighting for Survival are no longer tropes.
  • Fighting for Survival: Unfortunately, not as frequent among the main populace of the Berserk-verse, but there were a few secondary characters who have aided Guts and his friends. Flora was a tortoise, giving Guts and his companions very important information regarding the magical and spiritual side of the world, giving them magical tools and equipment, and toward the end of the arc and her life showed a badass side that was not lost with age. Luca was close to an eagle, guiding Guts throughout the St. Albion area so that he could be reunited with Casca. On an antagonistic side, Zodd acts like a hippo most of the time, sometimes thwarting a bad guy or joining up with Guts, but usually to aid a greater evil.
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