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04:04:40 PM Sep 21st 2017
  • Resident Evil is packed with these. None of the protagonists have any special powers besides army training, and one (Claire) is just a college student. They bring Action Survivor to a whole new level.
    • Claire's badassness grows in CVX where she single-handedly breaks into an Umbrella base, outruns a chopper that's shooting up the hallway with a chaingun, and uses clever thinking to destroy a firing squad. The only reason she got captured was because she ran out of bullets. And this is from a 19 year old college girl.
    • Most of the villains tend to go One-Winged Angel; however, Nicholai from 3 is quite possibly the most badass Badass Normal in the series, walking through Raccoon City with just a handgun and knife, and surviving.
      • He's also the only human antagonist to survive the game he's in.
    • Hunk also counts, being badass in mook clothing and all.
    • Leon S. Kennedy. We meet Leon as a beat cop on his first day of work, presumably with the most minimal of police training, if that. He drives right into a Zombie Apocalypse, in which he manages to survive with the assistance of a woman with the most minimal of survival training, a little girl and the on and off help of a secret agent. He manages to get said ice queen secret agent to fall for him after taking a bullet for her. Then he ends up working for the government, where he takes on entire towns, castles, heavily militarized islands and fortified dam full of mutants and monsters in not one, but two countries, one being a long Escort Mission with the President's daughter in tow. Largely on his own. Most of the other characters have had military training, on par with Special Forces, and Claire had the benefit of learning from one of these people. Leon? He got by on training that taught him to chase down drug dealers and cordon off crime scenes, which for all we know consisted entirely of reading how to do it in a textbook.
    • Chris Redfield, especially in Resident Evil 5. He's willing to waltz right up to Wesker, the Super Soldier high on Psycho Serum who can stop a rocket with his bare hands, and punch the guy in the mug. And hurt him. In the same game, he also moves a giant boulder that is blocking his path by punching it repeatedly.
  • In keeping with the above, the survivors of Left 4 Dead count. Four regular humans against a horde of zombies backed up by superpowered sub-boss zombies.
    • The Sacrifice comic attempts to handwave the badassery of the L4D survivors by having each of them be trained in some way with guns; Bill was in the military so he is a natural with guns, Zoey was taught how to use guns by her father (who was also a police officer), Louis spent his lunch breaks at the rifle range, and Francis was in a gang so he would have used guns at some point. Bill's badassery is magnified due to the fact he suffered a knee injury during his tour at Vietnam and it hasn't healed properly since.
    • The survivors in Left 4 Dead 2 are also badasses in their own right, being capable of surviving against all odds and can effectively use any weapon just like the old survivors. Like with Bill, Coach suffered a knee injury (occurred during a football game at college), but it doesn't stop him from kicking ass.
"Similarly, just dealing with the inhuman or strange (that's your zombies, orcs, Alien Invasion and other invocations of Puny Earthlings) doesn't suffice unless there was some other superhero who showed how they needed their powers for the same job. " I'm not familiar with Left 4 Dead and i'm only mildly familiar with Resident evil, but while they fight against mutants and zombies i don't remember any good guy with any special powers. It's just unorthodx antagonist, i don't think there is any "Badass Abnormal" for comparison.
05:32:25 AM Jun 8th 2017
Haven't seen the game in question but if she has enchanted tattoos then i don't think she qualifies as "normal". Maybe she Fights Like a Normal, but if she has enchantments she has enchantments.
11:25:46 PM Apr 13th 2013
Should Urban Chaos Riot Response really be here? As far as I know, there are no superhumans in this game at all.
05:29:52 AM Jun 8th 2017
Then it shouldn't
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