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01:30:59 PM Apr 19th 2013
The Big Bad entry on this page only mentioned Clark, which seemed very odd to me, as while Clark is certainly a major villain, he's really only the Big Bad (as in, the biggest threat on the board that the protagonists are most actively dedicated to bringing down) in the latter part of Season Four. The Shadows are pretty much the Big Bad for Seasons Two, Three, and the beginning of Four (albeit shared with the Vorlons by this point) and are hanging around in the background for One. The fact that they got beat with a season and two thirds to go doesn't keep them from being Big Bad for most of the show's run.
12:37:25 PM Aug 11th 2012
Regarding the Least Advanced imitating the most advanced, the Brakiri from what I've read in supplemental material have artificial gravity, one of the qualifiers in B5 for being advanced. Their ships suck in military engagements because they're not a martial race.
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