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11:51:57 AM Mar 5th 2014
I believe that Augustus, Hazel and Isaac egging his ex-girlfriend Monica's car should be put in the YMMV category.

It wasn't Isaac's idea to avenge himself on Monica dumping him when he lost his sight. It was Augustus's. Isaac was in the middle of a conversation with Hazel and Gus about a new girl in his support group. Isaac didn't bring up Monica; Gus did, complaining that Monica was being insensitive to Isaac. Then Gus says this:

Then out of nowhere Augustus said, “You can’t just not contact your former boyfriend after his eyes get cut out of his freaking head.”

Demanding to know if Hazel has four bucks, Gus tells her that his prosthetic is under the coffee table. He puts it on, and they get in Hazel's car. Hazel drives to the local supermarket and buys a dozen eggs for four bucks. Then they go to Monica's house.

Isaac's main concern is whether or not Monica's car is there, because he wants to know if Monica is home or not. Gus is the one who opens the egg carton; Gus is the one who hands the eggs to Isaac; Gus is the one who gives Isaac targeting directions. Isaac goes along with Gus's decisions...but Gus is the one who wants to egg Monica's car (and considering that he wanted to leave his former girlfriend Caroline, this is a tad hypocritical). Gus just does so in a way that keeps his hands clean...and that manipulates Monica's mother into feeling too guilty to prosecute the criminals who did this. After all, they're cancer patients, and one of them is blind.

Also, the scene's narrative tone makes it sound as if readers are supposed to approve of the egging—and the thousands of dollars' worth of damage to a young woman's property just because she dumped her boyfriend. This sounds rather close to saying that punishing women for friendzoning is completely understandable, even laudable.

02:21:24 PM Mar 5th 2014
Awesome pages are already subpages of the YMMV section.
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