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07:01:20 AM Oct 22nd 2014
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So...about the newest entry here, I only got this to say: Disallowing comments before anyone posted anything, insulting the people who makes fun of his crappy porn, the refusal to bring up how Gamergate are constantly monitoring their own in an attempt to crack down on any harassment from their own people wile ignoring how the Anti-Gamergate camp constantly do the exact same things (without ever calling out their own) he accuses GG, flips off the audience instead of having a discussion, calling them "deranged terrorists", refusal to provide any evidence to his claims, ignores how Gamergate has donated thousands upon thousands of dollars to different charities (mostly anti-bullying ones) and simply just acts like the strawmanning shitsack that he has always been.

How is this considered awesome now again?
07:40:01 AM Oct 22nd 2014
Per mod fiat, we're actually not supposed to mention Gamergate on articles at all.

Especially with such comically inflammatory language. Pulled.
08:32:28 AM Oct 22nd 2014
It's picking a side in GamerGate. In these controversies, people sometimes think that the successes of their side are awesome. It was already removed.
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