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05:42:11 PM Oct 2nd 2014
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The bit on the 'minecraft earth'- which one are we talking about?

If it's the one I'm thinking of, you could still grab one of the hundreds of still images of it out there
02:37:47 PM Mar 6th 2013
Should the "Gods don't Bleed" thing be removed? It's not done in Minecraft; is it just me, or should fan works based on something not be used for tropes on that same something?
12:05:14 PM Jan 5th 2012
The bad apple thing is obviously the work of video editing. Removing it.
11:05:44 AM Jan 11th 2012
edited by SirLoseALot
No it's not, putting it back in.

Take a look at the colors used in the video: white, black, gray, brown, and a slightly darker gray. These map to the colors used on the minecraft blocks of snow, obsidian, stone, dirt, and cobblestone/gravel. If it was video editing the shadows would be a lot smoother.

The video was made by converting pictures into minecraft maps, then running the pictures together. Although it's not purely a minecraft map, it's still quite an accomplishment to create several thousand minecraft maps even through a program.

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