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01:55:08 PM Jan 31st 2015
I hope not to start a big discussion over gamergate but I stand by my original edit that their stance was bold.
12:25:25 AM Feb 2nd 2015
This doesn't apply to any of their works, so it has no place. TV Tropes has a strict policy against posting things pertaining to GG - mere mention of it is highly likely to get you banned.
08:48:22 AM Feb 2nd 2015
Could I receive a link to this? I admit to forgetting gamergate until I stumbled back onto Extra Credits page again.

Also, a rule clarification: Aren't "meta" awesome moments allowed? I've seen them on quite a few other pages.
08:51:47 AM Feb 2nd 2015
I'll post here in moderator capacity to confirm that yes, Gamergate is not a topic we want to have here.

"Meta" moments are frequently questionable. I would not add them, but that's me.
09:04:49 AM Feb 2nd 2015
Alright, I disagree with the choice but I'll abide.

Thanks to both of you for taking time to explain.
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