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11:59:23 AM Jan 9th 2014
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  • Clara's appeal said "If you love him". This has led many fans to remember that there is exactly one Time Lord in existence who canonically loved the Doctor, and hope for the eventual return of Lady President Romana. Though another contender would be Susan Foreman note .

Citation Needed on "Romana canonically loved him". To put a long story short, this seems more speculation than "confirmed canon". I mean, the real world actor Lalla Ward probably loved Tom Baker for a brief period of time, but really? Though considering the "Lady President" reference, was this something from the novels or from Big Finish? And no matter the homoeroticism of the RTD era, can we say with any authority the Master was in love with Ten either?

Also, there not being one contender makes this one hell of a mess of natter.
11:12:34 AM Dec 17th 2013
Can we please, please stick to divisions by seasons? What exactly is helpful having eleven really long "era" folders?
11:46:36 AM Dec 17th 2013
I'm gonna call for a reversion. That's a pretty massive change made without any sort of discussion, and like you said, it makes the page harder to read.
03:52:19 PM Dec 18th 2013
Something that was brought up on Ask The Tropers is that we could folderize it by season (like it was before), but soft-split the folders with !!, by era.
06:57:21 PM Dec 21st 2013
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^ ...But then there'd be even more items on the page.

Tbh that's probably the best solution. Seconded.
12:45:41 PM Jun 5th 2013
Removed this Barbara example:

  • Successfully fast-talking at least one villain into temporarily sparing their lives...

This is a bit vague, so I can't figure out which villain this is referring to or from which season during my reordering.

And this, much as I constantly defend Journey's End as great or at least above-par television.

  • To defeat Davros, the Tenth Doctor teamed up with Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Luke Smith, Mr. Smith, K-9, Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith, his metacrisis, the TARDIS and Harriet Jones (former Prime Minister), all at once.

This isn't technically true. The team's main role was to bring the Doctor to the Medusa Cascade and return Earth home. By the time the Doctor meets up with everyone, Harriet is already dead, and he does his halted regeneration and is captured by the Daleks almost immediately after meeting Rose and the others. Martha's not even in the same country when he arrives in the Medusa Cascade IIRC, and K9 only appeared after Davros' defeat. The metacrisis pretty much works separately from the Doctor as well, and the Doctor clearly opposes his "fulfilling of the prophecy" due to how chaotic and unsafe he is at "birth".

And this:

  • Rory is now Memetic Badass.[1]
    • Of special note is the fact that a few of the exploits listed are completely true. The universe was destroyed after attempting to erase him from existence, Amy married him after he shot her, and he is the only human being ever to not be mind-blown upon first entering the TARDIS.

Rory's cool, but the one's listed are kind of out of context, not pointing out Rory being an Auton and they didn't regain memories until AFTER the wedding to the woman he shot, the universe's destruction not aimed at Rory and so forth.

Removed re: Rory punching Hitler in "Let's Kill Hitler".

  • Keep in mind that this episode was shown shortly after the release of Captain America: The First Avenger, starring a man whose first appearance featured him punching Hitler on the cover. Rory has punched more Hitlers on-screen than Captain Freaking America.

Rewatch The First Avenger again. Technically, Steve Rogers punches several dozen "stage" Hitlers onscreen, on top of the famous cover being shown.
03:53:17 PM Feb 19th 2013
Shouldn't this be divided into Doctor-era, rather than the individual character or monster? That at least matches up with the Funny and Heartwarming pages.
12:47:00 PM Jun 5th 2013
Done. Separated by season, plus listing specials standalone.
11:24:11 AM Jun 17th 2013
Nice work!
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