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The final fight with Adam in Primeval?

Ack, sorry I'm a bit new to this, I meant to put this up above with Buffy's name bolded, also I didn't catch on to the moment pointed out by the above poster regarding Faith, very awesome.
07:37:46 PM May 19th 2011
You put three single 'quote' marks on either side, like this.
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Mentioned where?

Manwiththe Plan Most of deleted examples were already mentioned:


Driving a ten ton truck by standing on the roof of the cab and controlling the clearly terrfied driver. Evil/Not Evil is irrelevant, this is about the most badass thing she ever did.

Spike's Season 7 speech when Buffy is ready to give up: "You listen to me. ... You're the one."

Spike: "I love what you are. What you do. How you try. I've seen your kindness and your strength. I've seen the best and the worst of you. I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You're a hell of a woman. You're the one, Buffy."
Buffy: "I don't want to be the one."
Spike: "I don't want to be this good-looking and athletic. We all have crosses to bear."

Spike, Angel(us), Drusilla, Darla

Spike just killed a slayer, Angel(us) is bored of a rebellion, and the 4 deadliest vampires in all of Buffyverse history walk in formation with flames in the background, Spike leading the way. If that's not epic badass, I don't know what is.


The first time Ethan shows up, we haven't really seen much evidence of Giles' Former Teen Rebel self. So when he shows up in Ethan's shop and proceeds to absolutely kick his ass— in a state of Tranquil Fury no less— it is both unexpected and amazing.


Cordelia snaps at Harmony in "Bewitched, Bothered and Bweildered":
CORDELIA: Harmony, shut up. Do you know what you are, Harmony? You're a sheep.
HARMONY: I'm not a sheep.
CORDELIA: You're a sheep. All you ever do is what everyone else does just so you can say you did it first. And here I am, scrambling for your approval, when I'm way cooler than you are cause I'm not a sheep. I do what I wanna do, and I wear what I wanna wear. And you know what? I'll date whoever the hell I wanna date. ....No matter how lame he is.


In the episode Tough Love, after Glory destroys Tara's sanity, Willow goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, complete with Black Eyes of Evil. Her entrance alone would make this page, floating a few inches above the floor, calling on several destructive gods, casting a spell on Glory, and telling Glory with rage dripping from her voice, "I...OWE...YOU...PAIN!"

And it gets more awesome from there. But between Willow's brand new level in baddass, her spells, her bag of knives, etc, the cherry on the Moment(s) of Awesome is when Willow spits in Glory's face.

You Squeed and you know it. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

View the whole scene here.


Enemies. one of those moments that makes me complete adore her:

Faith: Do you think you're better than me? Say it, you think you're better than me!
Buffy: I am. So much better.


Vamp!Buffy in "Nightmares"

Scary. But, you know, there are things much scarier than you. [walks out of the shadows] And I'm one of them.

  • On a whim, this troper watched the episode in French. The French version of this line is even more badass, ending with "Moi, par example." Me, for example.


In season 3, when Giles walks into Snyder's office, giving him a speech about how he'll make life a living hell for him if he doesn't let Buffy back into school. Then...

Snyder: I'm not convinced.
Giles slams him against a wall, grinning
Giles: Would you like me to convince you?

Delivered in a perfectly straight voice (with that Accent!), while still conveying his utter contempt for Snyder.


In Conversations With Dead People, Dawn gets a visitation by what appears to be her mother, which is being supressed by...something. The supressor then tries to terrify Dawn, trashes the house, cuts her up, gives frightening visions - this sequence is basically just Nightmare Fuel Unleaded. But Dawn completely refuses to go, even when the door is help open, and stays complete resolute, because "she's my mother".

Then Dawn, a girl who's cast about 1 spell in her life, finds all the magical ingredients while the house is being destroyed, and exorcises the damn thing, not pausing while the thing mutilates her first, until the damn thing goes away.

Okay, the effect is sorta dampened by the fact it was probably just a Xanatos Gambit by the First, but still. It was frikkin' cool.


Cordelia is slating Buffy to Harmony and half the IT Class and telling them that she (Buffy) is a psycho:

Willow: No she's not.
Cordelia: What?
Willow: She's not a psycho.
Cordelia: Excuse me, who gave you permission to exist? Do I hone in on your private conversations? No. Why? Because you're boring. [finishes her massive piece of IT work] Finally, the nightmare ends. How do I save?
Willow: Deliver.
Cordelia: Deliver, deliver... [hits "del"]

Its a classic!!


In "The Gift", after Spike had called him useless, a "glorified bricklayer" and Anya defended him saying he was good at bowling, the next scene Xander commandeers a wrecking ball and hits Glory with it at the last second to save Buffy for a moment.

" The glorified bricklayer picks up a spare." I know I Squeed.

Also, that wrecking ball was the largest weapon ever used on the show. (Except maybe the anti tank missile launcher).


Buffy is attacked while ice skating. Angel saves her in a Big Damn Heroes moment. The assassin attacks Angel, so Buffy saves him by slitting the assassin's throat by kicking it with an ice skate.


Her response when Angelus points out she can't kill him.


"Spike is going down. You can try to kill me, send assassins after me - that's fine. But no-one messes with my boyfriend.


His speech to Buffy on his season 6 return, finally giving her the strength to start putting her life back together.
RILEY: Hey! You want me to say that I liked seeing you in bed with that idiot? Or that blinding orange is your very best color? Or that that ... burger smell is appealing?
BUFFY: (upset) You smelled the smell?
RILEY: Buffy, none of that means anything. It doesn't touch you. You're still the first woman I ever loved ... and the strongest woman I've ever known. And I'm not advertising this to the missus ... but you're still quite the hottie.
BUFFY: You know, it goes away after many bathings.
RILEY: (laughs) This isn't about who's on top. I know how lucky I am right now. I love my work, and I love my wife.
BUFFY: I know. And I kinda love her too.
RILEY: So you're not in the greatest place right now. And maybe I made it worse. Wheel never stops turning, Buffy. You're up, you're down... it doesn't change what you are. And you are a hell of a woman.


All this, and no-one mentions he earned his own soul back, something no other vampire has done, or has had any motive to do? Bad tvtropes.
  • It's because we'd all like to forget that whole arc.
    • Speak for yourself.
      • Exactly. The fact that Spike SOUGHT OUT AND RECLAIMED his soul, rather than having it thrust upon him (like Angelus) made the whole "who's the real champion?" debate in Angel Season 5 a moot point, in this Troper's opinion. Angel nobly sought redemption, and was the better match as Buffy's soul mate, but Spike was slightly more heroic.
        • Although the reason behind Spike's actions is also important. Sure, he's the only one to seek a soul on his own, but he did it to win Buffy back, not out of the goodness of his heart. Which actually makes sense, since vampires aren't supposed to be able to show any human emotion except love (and maybe rage).


Spike after ruining The Night of St. Vigeous by a pre-emptive attack on Sunnydale High;

Spike: How's the Annoying One?
Drusilla: He doesn't wanna play.
Spike: Figures. Well, suppose I better go make nice. [He walks over to the Anointed One and kneels before him]
The Anointed One: You failed.
Spike: I, um... I offer penance.
Vampire: Penance? You should lay down your life! Our numbers are depleted. The feast of St. Vigeous has been ruined by your impatience!
Spike: I was rash, and if I had to do it all over again... [laughs evilly]
Spike: Who am I kidding? I would do it exactly the same, only I'd do this... [grabs the Anointed One]
The Anointed One: No!
Spike: ...first! [Spike sticks The Anointed One in the nearby cage and starts pulling a chain, lifting the cage up from the floor]
Spike: From now on, we're gonna have a little less ritual... and a little more fun around here. [the cage is lifted into the sunlight. The Anointed One screams as he dies]
Spike: Let's see what's on TV.


From "Bargaining," just after the demon who's choking Willow falls to the ground with a giant ax buried in his back:

"Nobody messes with my girl."


From "Anne," when Buffy is with a group of prisoners being introduced to their new roles as slaves by a terrifying demon guard:

Guard: You do not complain or laugh or do anything besides work. Whatever you thought, whatever you were, does not matter. You are no one now. You mean nothing. (To one prisoner.) Who are you?
Boy #1: Aaron. (The guard whomps him with a club and advances to the next person.)
Guard: Who are you?
Lily: (Whimpering.) No one.
Guard: Who are you?
Boy #2: No one.
Guard: Who are you?
Buffy: (Looks up at him, smiles sweetly.) I'm Buffy. The vampire slayer. And you are?

Ass-kicking ensues.


In "Bad Girls" Balthazar has had his henchmen kidnap Giles and Wesley and is interrogating them for the location of the MacGuffin. Giles stands tall but Wesley quickly folds. Unfortunately for him, while he saw Buffy give it to Angel, he at this point has no idea who Angel actually is. Balthazar adamantly demands the name, at which point Angel Power Walks in to the rescue, delivering the awesome line, "His name is Angel."


I think one of the best fight scenes in the series, from a purely technical point of view, is when two vampires from the Mayor jump Vampire Willow and she whips them so fast I had to review the scene to see how.


Rona: What's the point?
Kennedy: It's this end right here. You stick that in the bad guys.


Toward the end of the third season, Willow is taken prisoner by the mayor and his rogue slayer. As a very minor wicca, Willow kills her vampire guard with a pencil. Then, instead of trying to run away, takes advantage of the situation to snoop in the mayor's office, where she finds and reads the Books of Ascension. She doesn't have enough time to read them thoroughly, but does skim them well enough to discover the most important passages and tear them out to get them to Giles. And then she puts a cherry on top by calling Faith (psycho bitch with super powers) out on her villainy.

A crown with a crown on it, both of them made of crowns.


Willow (all shy and cute-like): Me too. I mean, with you. You know, I'm wondering something. About you.
Parker: What?
Willow (suddenly nearly laughing): Just how gullible do you think I am!?


How about Faith, in Buffy's body, beating "herself" senseless as she finally realizes what she's done?

Faith: You’re nothing, disgusting, murderous bitch, you’re nothing. You’re disgusting!
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