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09:09:52 AM Nov 3rd 2013
I'm thinking of trying to reorganise this page. The ideas I have are this, although of course somebody could Take a Third Option, particularly a mod or admin.

  • We reorganise the page by moments for characters, so for Tyrion, Robb, Tywin, Arya, etcetera.
  • We reorganise the page so it goes book by book, so from AGOT all the way up to ADWD in chronological order.
09:38:47 AM Nov 3rd 2013
I'd organise them book by book. That makes it easy for people to look at moments only from however far they've got in the series.
07:12:06 PM Nov 6th 2013
The second one makes more sense to me.
10:53:10 AM Nov 7th 2013
I agree.
08:29:39 AM Nov 12th 2013
Efforts are underway for the second one. Feel free to join in :)
04:19:17 PM Mar 23rd 2013
Where is this from?

  • The backstory featured a confrontation between Aegon the Conqueror's sister-wife Visenya and the Rhoynar queen Nymeria. The latter had fought the Targaryen armies to a standstill and the invasion of Dorne had to be postponed. I love what those two women said to each other:
    Visenya - Fire and Blood.
04:31:51 PM Jul 19th 2012

So someone says GRRM confirmed that Syrio is dead. Links?
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