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08:50:54 PM Jun 18th 2014
LOL! I didn't know there was a hikikomori song in the original light novel! XD

Here, I'll post the lyrics. :)

The Hikikomori Song Lyrics and Music by Satou Tatsuhiro

The freezing cold, six-mat, single room - Oh, this apartment: Even though I want to leave, my escape is still distant. I lie on the bed, even while awake, and sleep sixteen hours a day. Near the shadows of the kotatsu, A cockroach is hiding.

When I eat, I have one meal a day. And I lose weight every day. Sometimes I head to the convenience store, The gazes of others frighten me though. A cold sweat even springs forth, Telling me how hard it is to escape my apartment. N.H.K., which seems like a fantasy - There is emptiness in searching and not finding it. Today, when the sun sets, I go weakly forth To lie down in my damp bed. My tired and heavy brain - Oh, I can't go on. I can't go on!
01:28:01 PM Jun 19th 2012
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