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10:31:43 PM Jan 25th 2013
I have a feeling that this whole thing could be a Reconstruction of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Let's research around that.
10:56:18 PM Jan 25th 2013
Okay, what we have so far:
  • "Docking" is remarkably similar to Madoka's transformation sequence in the OP.
  • Constant yuri subtext.
  • The Power of Friendship makes a difference here.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica has Sufficiently Analyzed Magic. Vividred Operation has Sufficiently Advanced Technology.
  • The mascot in Vividred Operation is their grandfather in a stuffed weasel's body. He assists them in defeating the aliens and preserving his free energy machine. He and Kyubey both work to stop entropy, but in entirely different ways.
10:27:46 PM Jun 7th 2013
Is "reconstruction" now a polite word for "blatant rip-off"? (OK, perhaps "following the trend").

Add the appearance of Vivid Yellow to the list (someone commented on YT - "Tiro Finale would work better").

And, of course, "Homura Akemi, what ARE you doing in this anime?"

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