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08:18:15 AM Apr 2nd 2012
The Karma Houdini entry on this page seems to be rather complainy. Ryoko I think is a valid point, as if I remember correctly she indeed got no punishment for any of her crimes either before or during the series. One might argue that her punishment was being kept on Earth under the surveillance of Mihoshi and Kiyone, but with Tenchi living there that's about as much of a punishment as sending a kid to their room with all their toys and video games. Yugi however, I have a problem with. She was clearly willing to atone for what she'd done, and Sakuya is proof that there is at least a part of her that's capable of being a good person. And she doesn't get away with just a slap either, she gets sealed away in a capsule until she manages to work out her problems with herself. (We're given no indication of how long it takes for her to actually work things out either.) Trying to keep her imprisoned forever would just put her back in the same situation she was in at the start of the series, and should anything break her out she'd likely go right back to evil. And of course, killing her would go against the whole point of the scene, which was to demonstrate how Tenchi prefers to solve problems peacefully in a way that brings people together. As for the rest of the cast, they may have been more of jerks than the previous series, but they didn't exactly get away with it either... There's a reason Tenchi picked Sakuya over them you know!
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