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05:19:08 AM Jul 26th 2012
edited by Kooshmeister
Did they really give Alfred and Jason Russian accents in the dub? Why? The O'Hara Foundation is American and so are the henchmen who work for it. I mean, Alfred's full name is "Alfred Smith." Yeah, so Russian... Unless the trope page refers to the two unnamed guys operating the steam tractor. But I don't remember them having lines to dub.
09:35:24 PM Jul 27th 2013
edited by
Agreed in that it's very strange—Alfred's accent isn't really that appreciable, and Jason, by and large, has a rather generic Central to Eastern European accent (even more Hungarian or Austrian than Russian, really).
11:35:45 PM Jan 4th 2012
Name this trope: Right near the climax, Grandpa is about to go down with the ship, telling Ray to get out. He believes the Steam Castle is going down in the Thames. As he says this, he gets swallowed up in steam, disappearing from sight. Then the subversion kicks in: Ray says they're not over the Thames, they're in the middle of London! Grandpa immediately rushes forth to help Ray steer the castle clear of the city.
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