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06:37:18 PM Dec 12th 2012
-Shout Out: 4:21 in the 1999 German film Tuvalu looks an awful lot like Kamaji.
09:28:00 PM Feb 27th 2012
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: ...
    • Inverted with Chihiro, who is forced to grow up in several ways. She loses her parents (since they're pigs), is forced into a job via contract, and starts experiencing menstrual cramps all within the course of a few hours. Damn.

Menstrual cramps? Is there any proof of that? I thought she was just sad! D:
09:39:52 PM May 5th 2012
Agreed here. Unless there was Word of God that said otherwise, this should be edited out. If it was menstrual cramps, it surely didn't affect her later in the story.

It was probably stress that caused her stomach pains.
10:23:29 PM May 5th 2012
Okay, editing the page accordingly, and directing the comments to here. :)
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