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12:36:44 AM Jul 21st 2017
As someone who knows this series' music -really- well ( especially before when I knew better than this page ) plus there's at least 10 to 15 songs to link in awesome music versus ymmv only D': ...that is if Champloo's links could be soundcloud instead of youtube or so?
02:59:01 AM Jan 11th 2012
"Drugged Lipstick: Hotaru is revealed to be an assassin who uses a special kind of lipstick that becomes toxic when mixed with alcohol. Luckily Mugen figures this out pretty quickly." Correct me if I'm wrong, but I just did a series marathon the other day, and I believe the dialog and animation pretty blatantly said she forced him a mushroom or something like that, which is actually what became poisonous when mixed with alcohol. NOT the lipstick.
03:49:50 AM Jan 11th 2012
I believe you're right.
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