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06:51:31 AM Mar 2nd 2013
edited by Zhale
I am considering editing the Gadgeteer Genius trope just a little. The reason I am hesitating is because it might be a dub only reference. Anyway, given that, B-ko only confirms that two mecha are overnighters: the Max 5000 and the "toilet", she also references how long ago she planned others "last week" for the the Queen Margarita. So I'm not sure if I should make this edit.
05:39:49 AM Sep 15th 2012
I suggest moving Lady Looks Like a Dude to YMMV. Putting it in discussion to see other people's thoughts.
08:55:28 AM Nov 22nd 2011
I think Daitokuji Hikari is shown in the first movie. We don't find out who he is until the second, and it explains why he has a bad back.
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