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10:33:08 PM Jun 21st 2012
I removed this few days ago, and think it need eleboration.

  • Ass Pull: Unicorn has never before been stated to use any kind of fuel, and given the speeds it travels at (and thus the amount of fuel it must burn through) in Normal mode alone, a regular fuelling system would be woefully inefficient. The idea that the Unicorn would run out of fuel was clearly just a contrivance so that Angelo and Full Frontal could have their Big Damn Villains moment, especially since Unicorn's fuelling was never mentioned before and probably won't be mentioned again.

I said in edit reason that it's YMMV, but then I didn't put it there. This is full of speculation (ie "...a regular fuelling system would be woefully inefficient"). And keep in mind that this is part of UC setting, where MS alway need fuel, even if it's never mentioned before.
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