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07:59:32 PM Sep 4th 2012
I don't understand why this series should be compared to Puella Magi Madoka Magica. At all. Can I remove that line?
09:19:55 PM Oct 14th 2013
Just curious, has any one made a Helghest joke about the Vegans?
10:57:09 AM Aug 7th 2012
edited by SilverWings
The EXA-DB is, when you look at it the right way, the hidden and dangerous knowledge of an ancient society nearly wiped out by its own wars. Is there a trope for that?
06:59:23 PM Jan 23rd 2012
Episode 15 has aired. WOW, what a Wham Episode. Among the major revelations in the episode is a major shift of the show's tone. Should the series (at least the end of 1st Generation and the whole 2nd Generation) be listed as Darker and Edgier or should I wait?
03:29:19 PM Jan 24th 2012
edited by Iaculus
Wait until we see how the second generation actually turns out, I sez.
12:38:53 AM Jan 25th 2012
I agree. The last episode of the First Generation was dark alright, but I would hold your horses until we find out more.
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