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08:01:25 AM Feb 9th 2014
I tried to work in some information from a duplicate page. Here's what's left over:

One day Ordinary High-School Student wakes up to discover that her house has been sucked into another world. Exploring outside she finds herself in a scene straight out of The Wizard of Oz with her ruined house having crushed some Beastmen that were chasing Princess Mill Varna who is on the run from the Holy Jaina Group after they conquered her kingdom. When re-enforcements arrive Maze accidentally discovers that she is a powerful Form Master. Furthermore it is revealed that she can also pilot Dulgar, the most powerful Demi-Armour that Mill can summon. Due to confusion and uncertainty she is still losing though until nightfall. When the sunset Maze changes genders and personalities and the new Male-Maze easily deals with with the most powerful fire spell known.

So Maze (both of them) wind up protecting Mill from her pursuers and eventually try and take back her kingdom. Along the way they pick up several companions. Demi-Armor hunters Aster and Solude, both of whom are interested in Female-Maze. Randy, handy guide and Exposition Fairy, quite literally. She's a tiny Winged Humanoid who usually hides in Maze's shirt when the going gets tough. Then there's Rapier, Knight and Demi-Armour pilot of the neighbouring kingdom ruled by Mill's uncle who joins up with the party when her kingdom falls to Jaina as well. Also goes on to explore the world, the origin of the Demi-Armours and reveal exactly who and what Maze is.

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