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07:05:18 AM Aug 1st 2017
So when I was adding some tropes the other day I noticed that three were invisible as zero context examples. I don't want to start an edit war, but since all of those tropes are valid in the series, I want to re-instate them.

Here be spoilers:

Evil Redhead is a trope the series plays with. It seems to be the case for Minato at first, until later on when his reasons for his actions are explained, and then in goes away altogether. I think this can be listed because when someone first begins watching, they aren't going to know that Minato isn't evil.

Emotionless Girl... I'm mixed on this one. It might be better to pull it and replace it with Ineffectual Loner because that's what she appears to be in her focus episode, though she grows out of it the more time she spends with the other girls.

Everyone Calls Him Barkeep can be listed as well, because the girls only know the Pleiadian as the President. Minato knew him as Elnath, but that can mentioned too.

Any thoughts? If not I would like to return these tropes to the main page.
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