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04:51:56 AM Feb 12th 2015
I felt pretty dumb now. I thought Star Winning Gundam won't combine its part into a 1/144 Gundam and Try Burning in the show is more similar to Real Grade.
05:55:37 PM Nov 23rd 2014
Please don't put Fan Nickname to the YMMV section. Fan Nickname is a trivia trope and therefore it belongs here. Beside, there's a trivia section already.
01:27:38 PM Oct 24th 2014
Ral isn't 35 anymore. At best the R35 designation on his gouf is an indication of his age when he built it, and it was already around in the original series.
03:49:26 PM Oct 24th 2014
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You missed the joke. Ral is 35 years old regardless of what year it is. It's supposed to not make sense.
08:40:37 AM Nov 4th 2014
I think the joke was that he's OLD not immortally 35.... The character page claims that h's outright lying about his age, with no reason to assert that.
12:42:53 AM Aug 10th 2014
I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but I think Build Burning is actually based off the Impulse rather than the Burning/God. It doesn't have much in common with the G Gundam suit.
01:11:30 AM Aug 10th 2014
Official site say nothing about its base model.

And I agree with you.
01:39:13 AM Aug 11th 2014
If you look at it, I think you can see the Impulse influences more clearly.
08:53:44 AM Sep 15th 2014
Confirmed. From this blog

''「バーニング」は綿田監督の命名だが、ゴッドガンダムの海外名と同じだったのは偶然。  (発注時にゴッドガンダムベースという話は無し)''

The director has no idea that Burning is also God's oversea name.
08:00:58 PM Sep 22nd 2014
Suit just has the same designer as Impulse, Okawara. If you look at the two side by side, you'll notice they share basically no details other than slightly similar chest shapes. I seem to recall it being stated both Winning and Build Burning are scratch built, which is why they have no base model listing on the official website.

Anyway, reason it said it was based on Burning Gundam before is because it's gimmick set is heavily based on God Gundam and Sekai is introduced doing an extended Domon Kasshu reference, along with the name, but it's not a big deal if people feel like it shouldn't be mentioned as that.
08:21:56 PM Sep 22nd 2014
Agree that it has lot of Shout-Out element to God (and that may worth mention). It's claim that it's based on Burning that's fault (it may count as Hilarious in Hindsight though).
07:46:37 AM Jul 19th 2014
I'm not sure if you guys visit the discussion page or just keep an eye on the trope page but either way, I just want to say thank you for starting this page.
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