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09:53:14 AM Nov 28th 2016
I feel the current page image for FLCL (official artwork of Mamimi, Naota, and Canti), should be replaced with the one from this wiki page:

(my reason being that Mamimi is more of a supporting character while Haruko is more-or-less the face of the series, and the second most important character after Naota. A FLCL page image without her is like a Calvin and Hobbes page image without Hobbes).
11:09:33 PM Apr 21st 2012
What is N.O.?
11:30:42 PM Apr 21st 2012
Considering we're talking about cranial wormholes, I'd guess that it's a pun on (the Japanese word for "brain").
05:51:31 PM Jan 7th 2012
A number of spoilers either violated our Handling Spoilers policy by covering up almost the entire example or weren't really spoilers. I reduced the coverage of the first so they only covered the actual spoilers and unspoilerd the second entirely.
03:39:11 AM Dec 1st 2011
edited by AshleyY
Mamimi told Haruko

About a thing she saw

Had two big horns

And a woolly jaw

FLCL! flcl.
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