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01:07:39 PM Aug 2nd 2012
edited by Kira1980
There's a strong possibility that Truth is a reincarnation of Dewey Novak. Seriously, let's look at the facts. Just before Dewey killed himself at the end of the last series, he revealed that he had a Compact Drive buried in his chest thereby implying that he had attempted to "merge" with the Scub Coral in the past. Considering that this enabled him to force Eureka to merge with the Scub Coral's Command Cluster and nearly bring about its destruction, there's a distinct possibility that traces of himself were able to live on within the Scub Coral even after his death. Now, let's switch to Eureka Seven AO where we have Truth: an Ax Crazy White-Haired Pretty Boy with an affinity for underage girls (i.e.:Naru) who is all but confirmed to be a "Secret": creatures revealed in Episode 15 to be hell-bent on ridding the world of the Scub Coral. Sound familiar?
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