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09:49:54 AM Apr 10th 2016
Does the long list of tropes needs to be organized into folders?
11:54:41 AM Sep 19th 2015
I believe this page needs some consistency because it's confusing to see English dub names mixed with the Japanese names all the time. We should probably decide which terms should be used and stick with it.

English names are what the Western fans are familiar with, of course, but recently, in all new English promotional material, especially with Digimon Adventure tri., the Japanese names are being used (with some exceptions like the Digimon names, which were probably enforced by Bandai).

What do you all vote for?
01:50:25 PM Jul 20th 2012
Removed the Actor Allusion example, because from the way it was written it was stretching the definition a little too thin. Izzy, the group's Spock, is partnered with Tentomon, who's voiced by Jeff Nimoy, who's related to Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock.

That's an incredibly round-about coincidence at best. I'm pretty sure Actor Allusions are intentional and actively part of the script, so unless Tentomon has a line at some point in the dub about Izzy reminding him of his cousin or something (Bonus points if Izzy sets it up by using the word "illogical"), it's not actually an example.
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