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12:03:24 AM Aug 10th 2012
Having just learned of the "Expy" trope, and its related brethren, I am curious.

Andy, a character from Cowboy Funk, is obviously modeled after Spike in some pretty straightforward ways. They both look very similar (Albeit with differnet hair color, and drastically different styles of fashion), both are reckless and impatient, and their short-lived rivalry is a classic. Both Jet and Faye even acknowledge the similarities.

I'm just wondering what trope really fits this best. I know there are other tropes related to him and Spike, I'm just wondering what specifically applies to how similar they are as characters, particularly if there's one relevant to examples where the show acknowledges this.
02:03:46 PM May 13th 2012
Enjoy some coffee with this.
06:03:25 AM Apr 15th 2012
I don't have an article on it, but if someone could find it and put it on the main page, Shinichiro Watanabe has apparently announced that he plans to continue the series, due to fans' reactions of the rather ambiguous Series Finale.
12:03:34 AM Aug 10th 2012
edited by Goatmon

Seriously tho, the ending wasn't particularly ambiguous. It was pretty clear what happened to Spike, and Ed and Faye had both found what they were after through the show, thus completing their respective character arcs (of course, Ed's arc encompassed all of one episode, but still), Jet had a few episodes about his own closure with past events, and by the end Spike finally confronted Julia and the man who forced them apart, and suffered the consequences one gets for living the life he lived.

Making more episodes at this point would be less about ambiguity and more about what happens next to the rest of the cast.

And, frankly, that's how a series SHOULD end; Wrap up the main plots, leave room for more story without actually needing it to find resolution. It's when you keep making more that you run the risk of just spoiling the good memories of what came before, and unless you have some amazing story left to tell, it's best to leave it alone.

Bebop is a hailed masterpiece. It doesn't need more episodes.
01:32:02 PM Mar 7th 2012
Do Spike and Faye really count as Badass Adorable? I don't see the "adorable" part...
01:47:36 PM Mar 7th 2012
No, not really. This is a YMMV.
03:25:48 PM Jan 2nd 2012
Why were the reviews deleated?
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