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10:36:48 PM Nov 3rd 2012
Does anyone else think the page quote should be changed?

The fact that humanity has been wiped out is brought up maybe three times at the most during the series, and afterwords it's hardly ever mentioned. In fact, humans in general don't really have much of a place in the series at all, we see a single human being in the entire series, and he dies by the end of the episode.

Personally, I think we'd be better off changing the page quote to the subtitle: Ruin is the salvation of man and machine., or alternatively taking the picture quote and replacing the current page quote with that instead.

Any thoughts?

01:54:25 PM Nov 5th 2012
I agree with this. The current quote can be moved to a Quotes page if anyone wants to keep it.
07:57:52 AM Apr 10th 2012

All images of Luna seem to show only two lengths, not three. Also, Hime Cut requires personality characteristics. Unless she's The Ojou, Elegant Gothic Lolita, a Miko, Yamato Nadeshiko or royalty, she shouldn't be listed.
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