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11:23:45 AM Apr 4th 2012
Has anybody else realized that the Wingding like symbols are just extremely stylized English letters? We need to get some of the messages on the screen in the class and elsewhere in the trivia section.
03:13:13 AM Mar 19th 2012
Mykage, as of episode 12, full blown troll? fking around with the men and women just for amusement? cause I really don't see any use in trolling Yunoha and Jin like that other than for his own amusement....

That goes the same for his remark that he refuses to take any responsibility for anything he does.
04:11:33 AM Mar 19th 2012
Mykage is not just doing for the lulz. It is now obviously that he is subverting Izumo's effort to save Altair and trying to escalate the whole situation.
02:00:53 PM Feb 16th 2012
I'm starting to think that Love Triangles are going to be a major theme in Evol, and I don't mean just the main Amata, Mikono, Zessica (and Kagura) triangle, but also Andy, Mix, Yunoha and Sazanka, Shrade, Cayenne triangles. I know I might be reading too much into this but these three groups have been grouped together twice on the show (episode 5 by the teachers and 7 by chance) and at the end of the op, they have Amata at the center with Zessica at his left and Mikono to his right, and at Zessica's left: Andy, Yunoha (looks to be hiding behind Andy), Mix. At Mikono's right: Cayenne, Sazanka, Shrade. Meanwhile, Aika (I think that is his name) was grouped with different girls in the said two episode.
02:55:11 PM Feb 19th 2012
edited by ShinnBidan
As of Episode 8...

...Yunoha actually seems to have a crush on Amata, as seen when she purchased pictures of him at the beginning and end of the episode. And while it may have been mere teasing and/or ambiguous before, Zessica is now confirmed to like Amata by episode end. With 3 girls crushing on him, and a bunch of other girls loving his clothing rippage, I think Amata now qualifies as the class' newest Chick Magnet.
10:24:46 AM Feb 21st 2012
yea, episode 8 derailed my reading a bit, but the preview of episode 9 seem to confirm another feeling I been having which is part of my LT reading. I still think there's something about the three groups grouping.
03:17:37 AM Mar 19th 2012
The whole Aquarion series, both this and the original revolve around the number three and the symmetry of things, be they religion or emotions, I really didn't expect anything less from the producers. Though, it is it just me or just Zessica seem like a potential Heel Face Turner in the latest episode? the same way that blonde dude from the original Aquarion was. that being said, her power seems to be psychokinesis. Tomboy, Psychokinesis, short hair... hmm... Alicia anyone?
04:39:15 PM Apr 1st 2012
edited by Penna
o.o. Alicia is Amata's mom,the actress, the one who looks like Mikono. You probably mean Silvia, the main girl from the last series. Although Silvia does not have short hair, her hair is just as long as Mikono's when it's down. Zessica is not a tomboy, she's actually Neo DEAVA's resident tease, and I don't think I've ever seen a tomboy wear an outfit like hers..:P.. Although she does have telekinesis, which Silvia also had, you could say the same for Mikono who has her Connection abilities.
08:28:28 AM Feb 6th 2012
hey did you know the male and female original character designer is handheld by different person. the male character designer is Chinatsu KURAHANA the person who also design uta no prince-sama it's quite explain enough why the male character is bishounen (if you don't believe just check anime news network)
08:58:16 AM Feb 6th 2012
It's quite apparent if you look at the characters' profiles - the women have a more typical "anime" profile with nose not separate from the jaw, etc. while the men have noses and ironically, more prominent lips.
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