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11:19:27 PM Jul 9th 2012
What about the time Garu tried to create multiple clones of himself, like Naruto's "Shadow Clone Jutsu" in "Romancing the Clone"? The only thing was, all but one clone Garu could make vanish. "Where you going, tough guy?" Said clone ended up using Tobe's "dishonorability" potion as cologne, and talked like he was from Joisey. It was Pucca's seeing Dishonorable Clone Garu hit on Ching that took the charm off of him—and let Pucca deliver a No Holds Barred Beatdown to him. Garu joins as this lets him give what-for to the clone giving him a bad rep.

"Women! I'll never understand them!" Turning to Garu, he goes, "Good luck, buddy, she's all yours! I'm outta here!" And vanishes like the clone he was once.
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