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03:53:08 PM Jul 11th 2016
Splitting the red/white/blue color combination into arguments about the United States seems to be mostly unrelated to the actual topic at hand and seems rife for baiting people into political arguments that don't really have much of a place here.

Would it be better to just delete the first two folders and have the "international perspective" folder be the only part of the entry?
11:01:02 AM Jul 26th 2013
Could we put each of the categories in a folder (possibly with subfolders)? it seems like it'd make this page a lot easier to navigate
08:19:36 PM Mar 7th 2015
Seems like a good idea ath the cost of processing power and editability.
03:04:43 AM Mar 8th 2015
Oi. This is a big page. Yes, folderize it pronto.
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