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03:31:40 PM Feb 24th 2016
Tip for this:

Just because something is played out from a darker angle than you would otherwise expect doesn't automatically make it Deconstruction. Deconstruction is specifically something turning out darker by examining the real life consequences that would come from the core aspects of the story, NOT adding extra details that make it darker and edgier. Example:

Topic: A team of children who explore abandoned houses searching for ghosts, usually resulting in whacky, zany adventures. Deconstruction: The kids are frequently arrested for breaking and entering, or get lung infections from breathing in all the dirt and dust in the houses. NOT a Deconstruction: The house turns out to be full of elaborate, deadly booby-traps that actually kill the kids.

The traps might be darker than normal, but they're not actually something that would be feasible in real life. Deconstruction needs to be approached from an angle of realism, not just cynicism.
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