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12:09:25 PM Jun 15th 2013
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Please note Adorkable is No Real Life Examples, Please!!

Don't trope a musician's personality. Always refer to their work — songs, videos or stage persona.

Dubious and incorrect examples were moved from the sub-page.

Also most Zero-Context Example entries were moved here.
  • Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. In most interviews, he can hardly go two sentences without throwing in a "y'know". Plus, a good chunk of his earlier songs are about puppy-love. Oh, and the video for Holiday deserves a mention. The fact that he looks barely over half his age helps, too.
  • Gerard Way, with an emphasis on the dork part. Even when he's trying to be a Bad Ass. Especially when he's wearing an argyle sweater and writing comics.
  • Lindsey Stirling, a classically trained violinist, has to date done musical arrangements of The Legend of Zelda, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and The Lord of the Rings soundtracks. And let's not forget her videos of those arrangements. And yes, she makes her own costumes for them.
  • Patrick Stump, singer of Fall Out Boy. Thick glasses, (formerly) chubby tummy, total geek and the singing voice befitting a god. Also, amongst Real-Person Fic writers, he is Launcher of a Thousand Ships. He apologises for the cutest things also.
  • Neil "Lemon Demon" Cicierega.
  • Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, believe it or not. He grew up a shy, awkward boy who wore glasses, played RPGs as a teen, and was a fan of science fiction (he was the one who thought up the band name. It was only as he entered his twenties, ditched his glasses for contacts, teased his hair, and wore more fashionable clothes that he got transformed into a teen idol.
  • Yoshiki, Toshi, and Pata from X Japan, to varying degrees, more so as they got older for Yoshiki and Pata.
  • Ludo.
  • Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco (or hell, all of P!atD, past and former.) Here's a pic to show you how heart-meltingly adorable he is.
  • Buddy Holly-Just wook at this wittle face!
  • Elvis Costello. See here.
  • Graham Coxon. As one youtube commenter put it, he is "beautifully awkward".
    Lots of my friends liked it... lots of my friends, I say, I don't have many. About four or five people liked it.

  • Uwe Kröger, the most famous musical star in the German-speaking countries of the world (according to the Other Wiki), dogged officer of the Law, murderous opera ghost, dancing star, and of course DEATH (Elisabeth)... and prone to dangerous levels of adorable. Just look at him. Or watch (from 1:20) him. (all)
  • The Feelies in general, but especially on the cover of their first LP.
  • Benny from the Axis of Awesome.
  • No matter how many times Japanese singer Gackt tries to portray himself on TV as a stoic badass with few emotions...he often inadvertently reveals himself as a adorable dork with a habit of saying goofy or embarassing things. Most fans agree that he is cuter this way, anyway.
  • UtadaHikaru, who blogged regularly about her giant stuffed teddy bear (Kuma-chang), is a top-tier Tetris expert, and is generally a big goof.
  • Lisa Loeb really worked the adorkable look in the nineties with the aid of her signature horn-rimmed glasses.
12:19:37 PM Jun 15th 2013
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Another set of ZCE or examples referring to the celebrity's instead of the work:

  • Adam Young from Owl City
  • Ringo Starr from The Beatles. Just LOOK at him!

  • Elton John had his moments, at least in The '70s.

  • 2-D of Gorillaz. He's a zombie loving, whale-phobic, sweetheart stoner, who is slightly dim and suffers from Geek Physique, You Gotta Have Blue Hair, and lack of eyes. It also helps that he's the Butt-Monkey and is frequently the receiver of both verbal and physical abuse from his fellow band members (read: Murdoc). That said, he also falls into the Uncanny Valley. That could be part of his charm. Especially the gappy teeth.

  • Violinist Hilary Hahn is adorkable. She's at the top of current concert violinists, but also posts videos in which she interviews a fish, and writes blog posts about sprinting around concert halls, jumping on the bed, and dressing her violin in pet costumes.]] Quite a Cloudcuckoolander.

  • Korean pop star Kim Taeyeon, who is prone to uncontrollable fits of laughter in which her nostrils flare up to near superhuman proportion. She has literally fallen off a chair on a TV talk show during one such fit. Many of Kim's bandmates are often spotted exhibiting adorkable traits, but none fully embody it to the level of Taeyeon.

  • The K-Pop Band SHINee deserves a special mention. Hello Baby really exhibits this. A special shout-out goes to Taemin, the youngest member. Of the five of them he is the king of adorkable.

  • Barry Manilow oh so much.

  • Linda Thompson once said she and her female friends found Nick Drake attractive despite his painful shyness, at least until his depression caused him to severely neglect his hygiene.

  • The Who: Pete Townshend is a gawky-looking, anxious, insecure, lanky guy with a large nose, a series of intensely geeky interests, and a well-known habit of rambling. The fact that he's also a legendary rock guitarist idolized by plenty of the kind of people who would have beaten him up if he'd ever attended school with them has in no way lessened his dorkiness.
    • Roger Daltrey, while far less dorky than Townshend, also deserves a mention for constantly drinking out of souvenir coffee mugs even while onstage.

  • Mark Foster.
11:38:50 AM Jun 14th 2013
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Weblinks Are Not Examples. X...Just X is also Zero-Context Example, and Adorkable is now No Real Life Examples, Please!, so example of celebrity in RL as apposed to their appearance from works shouldn't be listed.
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